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Welcome to the Mental Health Classes (MHC) Blog, written by mental health professionals. We believe in supporting both mental health professionals and students by providing free information through our blog. As mental health professionals we study, seek and gain knowledge, treat our clients, and truly care about people. Our blog is our way of giving back to this community of people who have given so much to others. We cover different topics, research, and concerns in the mental health field.

If you have thoughts about how we can improve the blog, or if there are mental health topics you’d like to see covered here, please let us know via e-mail. Although we may not be able to incorporate every suggestion, we do hope to make this blog a useful source of information, and your feedback will help us ensure it is just that.

Mental Health Classes Offers A Variety Of Online Courses For Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) CEUs

Mental Health Classes is an online destination that offers updated and exceptional continuing education courses at economical prices. We are a comprehensive source for mental health CEUs (Continuing Education Units) online, which are very useful for Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDC), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), Psychologists (Ph.D.), Mental Health Counselors […]


Mental Health Classes Offers Continuing Education For Counselors

Mental Health Classes is a reliable online destination for experts who are working in various fields. We are a broad approved mental health continuing education provider that offers user friendly, affordable online classes. Our classes will assist you to enhance your skills, sustain your professional aptitude, and attain the latest knowledge. We provide education for […]


Mental Health Classes is a Leading Provider of Social Worker CEUs Courses

As one of the leading providers of continuing education, we have created social worker CEU courses after thoroughly reviewing the needs of social workers as far as license and professional requirements are concerned. Any professional from the social work field can log on and register at our website and participate in the social worker CEU […]


Benefits of Continuing Education for Psychologists

Continuing education courses are the best way to sustain your license while learning during your free time. It is necessary by law for professionals to complete CEUs in order to get their license renewed so that they can continue to offer exceptional services to their clients. Continuing education is very important not only to keep […]


Mental Health Classes Offer Best Online CEUs For Social Workers

Mental Health Classes offers CEUs to working professionals who want to improve their skills and gain a higher level in their education while they continue to work. These social work CEUs online courses offer more knowledge that helps them work in a better and improved way. As a social workers they come across children, depression […]


Mental Health Courses Online

Welcome to Mental Health Classes, a continuing education provider for working professionals. There is no end to learning and limit to education, the more we learn and gain the more beneficial it is for us. With advancement in technology and addition of information in every field it is must for all professionals specially those dealing […]


Improve Your Skills By Taking Online CEUs At Mental Health Classes

In today’s competitive world it is a must for all working professionals to be aware of the changes taking place in their field. We at ,Mental Health Classes offer continuing education to individuals who need to add credits to their license or gain information about latest developments in their field. We offer several online courses […]


Benefits Of Mental Health Continuing Education

Just like other fields related to healthcare, the field of mental health is ever-changing. It behooves psychologists and other mental health professionals to stay updated on the treatment options, techniques, medications, and therapies available at their disposal. This makes it easier for them to treat their patients with the right methods. The best way is […]


Mental Health Continuing Education

Whether you are a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist, you need to keep learning. Mental health continuing education will benefit you in your professional life in different ways. It will help you to perform better in your field and deal with your clients in a better way. If you take psychology courses, you will be able […]


The Best Online CEU Courses are Being Offered by Mental Health Classes

Continuing education essential for most of the licensed professionals as they provide a solid base of knowledge that enables them to help their patients in a much better manner. In case of almost all of the licensed professionals there are various practitioners on the field in almost each and every city. All of these professionals […]