Divorce Coping Specialist Certification

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How Can You Help Someone Who Is Working through the Divorce Process?

If you are a mental health professional, life coach, marriage counselor, social worker, pastor or clergy member, this certification program is for you.  If you are looking to expand your or therapy practice to reach couples and families, this certification will serve you well in that regard. This course also helps to educate anyone who is going through a divorce and anyone looking for resources regarding coping, therapy, and all of the latest ways of thinking about and handling breakups.

Offering Divorce Counseling is one important way to build your counseling or social work practice.  Unfortunately, divorce is something that happens and happens fairly often.  Many couples enter into marriage without premarital counseling, without planning ahead, and sometimes without knowing each other very well. This fact increases the likelihood of divorce.  Even well-meaning couples who love each other, know each other very well and who have prepared for a lifelong commitment can find themselves surprised by the fact of a divorce. Divorce counseling, tailored to meet the needs of someone who is involved in a breakup, is a great way to provide guidance, help, and assistance to clients who are in pain.  If you take this certification course, you will be prepared to offer divorce counseling to clients who are hurting – and to all kinds of individuals and couples –in a professional, knowledgeable, organized way.

Once you’re certified to offer divorce counseling, you will have a stronger foundation upon which to build your ever-growing couples counseling knowledge-base.  This course starts by offering the basics of divorce coping skills, an e-article offering tips and narrative examples of the concepts taught in class, several forms to elicit discussion, and a test which checks for comprehension of the subject itself.

The certification program includes everything you need to start offering divorce counseling to individuals and couples, including:

  • Specific guidelines on timing, structure, and scheduling of sessions in regard to divorce counseling.
  • Dozens of questions designed to elicit conversation and insight, from intake to completion of the counseling sessions.
  • Downloadable Forms for the counselor to use as prompts during session. The counselor should assign these forms as homework for the client to complete outside of session.
  • A specific form which serves as documentation of the fact that the client did indeed complete a divorce coping counseling program. Lawyers, judges, and former partners often appreciate such documentation as an indication of goodwill on the part of the separated or divorced individual.
  • Links to articles to help you gain insight into what kinds of issues a divorcing person might face.
  • Your own certificate, documenting the fact that you are now certified to offer divorce counseling.
  • 3 Continuing Education Clock Hours
  • CE Hours for Mental Health Professionals: NBCC, TX LPC, TX Social Workers, TX Marriage and Family Therapist. See the FAQ page for full list.
  • Mental Health Classes, LLC is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP TM) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP solely is responsible for all aspects of the program.
  • Most Psychology, Marriage and Family, and Social Work State Boards recognize NBCC Certified Providers. We recommend that you contact your local State Board to confirm.

Cost: $45 for Presentation, Test, and Certification.*

Required Materials:

  • You will want to download and print the full set of downloadable forms and practice filling them out.  By filling them out yourself, you will be able to do a better job of facilitating discussion about the forms with your clients.
  • In order to offer context for the divorce experience, this course requires that you read some personal stories and articles written by qualified counselors and by individuals experiencing a breakup or divorce.

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A Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in anger management and domestic violence, Nathaniel Smith, M.A., LPCS, NCC, has helped hundreds of clients tame their temper. Smith is certified by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to run group sessions for offenders with anger issues. His extensive experience in the field of anger management and group leadership make him an authoritative teacher for training Certified Temper Tamers..