Ethical Guidelines for Board Certified Coaches

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This course will explore working with clients in a coaching context using ethical guidelines, employing a model for making ethical decisions, using narrative examples and documenting the appropriate protocols.

Goals of this Course
• Understanding your ethical duties as a Board Certified Coach
• Knowing how to recognize ethical dilemmas
• Familiarizing yourself with the BCC ethical code
• Understanding potential pitfalls by considering hypothetical scenarios
• Using the BCC ethical code to guide your decisions as a coach
• Charting appropriately as a Board Certified Coach

Purpose of this Course
This continuing education course is intended to offer a simple way to understand how to provide coaching to clients in an ethical manner. In this course, we will look at issues such as behaving appropriately in your role as a coach, maintaining integrity and authenticity, utilizing appropriate decision-making skills, and implementing proper ethical protocol during your day to day work as a Board Certified Coach.

Number of Credits and Cost
This course offers 3.5 Continuing Education Clock Hours.
This class cost $45.00

This course does not qualify for NBCC credit.

Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors: Provider Number 1732
Texas State Board of Social Workers: Provider Number 6280
Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists: Provider Number 685


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A Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in anger management and domestic violence, Nathaniel Smith, M.A., LPCS, NCC, has helped hundreds of clients tame their temper. Smith is certified by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to run group sessions for offenders with anger issues. His extensive experience in the field of anger management and group leadership make him an authoritative teacher for training Certified Temper Tamers.