How do you tame your temper?

Monday, September 17th, 2012 in Blog

A Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in anger management and domestic violence, Nathaniel Smith, M.A., NCC, LPC-S, has helped hundreds of clients tame their temper. Nathaniel is certified by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to run group sessions for offenders with anger issues. His warm, compassionate approach and extensive experience in the field of anger make him an authoritative guide in leading readers gently toward taming their temper.

Nathaniel has a new book called Taming Your Temper.  This book will not teach you that anger itself is bad. Anger is normal! It’s only when your feelings turn into destructive behavior that anger becomes an issue. Stop being at the mercy of those feelings. If you work through the 36 concrete strategies and exercises inside these pages, you can learn to act in healthier ways, to cut down on aggression, to live calmly.


  • Identify your underlying core beliefs, anger triggers, and cycles.
  • Recognize your physical responses to rising anger and how to reverse them.
  • Learn to HALT and cool down before you act.
  • Stay away from situations that trigger your anger.
  • Uncover feelings of frustration, pain, and fear and develop alternative ways to express them.
  • Choose to focus on what makes you happy.

Using all these tools and more, you Can Tame Your Temper.

Link to buy the book: